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17 January 2020 @ 09:16 pm

This journal is friends only. I don't post anything besides life-related entries here. If somehow you would still like to read those, just leave a comment asking to be added back. Please remember to add me first! I will not add you back if you comment but don't add me.

If you're just here for the art, let me redirect you to seisyunbu, which houses all my art/fanart and fandom-related posts. =)
23 January 2010 @ 11:09 am
While looking at self-published zines by various artists I was hit by a very lame brainwave:


The original idea was to make a copybon for Adachi's birthday, but since that's one week away it'd be asking too much at such a short notice. Let's just say this project is launched in conjuction with Adachi's birthday and is just a general celebration of Adachi.

Why a copybon and not a doujinshi though? Well the idea is to keep it simple and loose, so that people can just go crazy and draw whatever crazy stuff they want about the Adachin. Okay okay it's because I'm lazy and if I had to draw a doujinshi standard work on top of homework I might as well just drink bleach. Copybons are cheap too. The postage will probably cost more than the book itself, which basically is just a bunch of photocopied drawings/comics stapled together. THAT'S THE IDEA

I don't have guidelines for content, it can be anything, illustrations, 4-komas, trippy comics but I want to have a balance, this is not an illustration anthology. Also keep the BL down!! By down I mean... nothing that would make people stare at me weird. I suspect I'll be photocopying in the lab/library so keep it lab-safe! ;)

So do I have any takers for this crazy project? The deadline will be 1st March, which gives everyone about a month to doodle lots of Adachi related goods. This project is locked because I think I have enough Adachi-lovers in the FL to generate enough content, PLEASE SAY YOU'LL JOIN, you know who you are. Feel free to tell your most-trusted Adachi-loving friends about this project as well.

Also I'm anticipating that a lot of orders will be coming from the US, is anyone willing to be the supplier in the US? Meaning all US orders will be handled by that person. Or I could just charge a bomb for worldwide shipping! IDK

SO GUYS I AWAIT YOUR POSITIVE RESPONSE don't forget to draw something for the 1st of February too, hehe.
25 February 2009 @ 04:24 am
Selling off a few doujinshi doubles, NEW from C75!

Persona 4, Adachi-centric.Collapse )